Jonas Bengtsson
Jonas Bengtsson

CEO and Co-founder

Second Line

Looking back, 2019 wasn’t a great year for the environment. We saw more division on important issues, inaction where we needed decisive action and clear signs of a changing climate right in front of our eyes. Nowhere in the world were the warnings of what a changing climate might bring than here in Australia, where devastating bushfires continue to burn.

‘At Edge, we remain determined and positive. 2019 saw a notable acceleration in action from public and private sector organisations alike. Only a few years ago, sustainability in Australia was still largely dominated by a handful of leading companies, a few ASX giants, and some well-funded city governments, but sustainability is now well and truly mainstream. In the last year we’ve worked with IT services, fast food, beverage, retail, fashion and aged care clients, and the size profile of our clients is changing too, with an increasing number of smaller companies looking to build sustainability into their business model from an early stage.

We also witnessed a change in the breadth and depth of services demanded by clients. Aligning with Edge’s mission to deliver evidence-based solutions, we’re pleased to see a huge uplift in the demand for things like science-based carbon reduction targets and detailed life cycle assessment. No longer are companies satisfied with picking low-hanging fruit; instead they want help to plot meaningful pathways towards a low carbon, resource-constrained, climate-changed future.

2019 was also a year of change for the team at Edge. Our merger with Seed Consulting Services means we’re now Australia’s largest, dedicated sustainability consultancy. The new office in Adelaide has given us broader reach across the country, as well as expanding our work into new areas such as liveable cities.

If the start to 2020 is anything to go by, the pace of change both within and outside our business shows no sign of abating.
We’re looking forward to playing our part in making 2020 the year that sees the world chart a stronger commitment towards a truly sustainable future.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our light-hearted snapshot of what we got up to last year!

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